•       The Performer will participate in our daily interactive multi-media show in our Children Theatre.

•       In his role he must mainly speak from behind the stage, based on a script, which we’ll provide.

•       He will have some freedom to interact with the audience, which he will see on a monitor.

•       The audience believes, that he is at first live on the stage in our character’s costume and later he will appear as a cartoon character on the big screen. Depending on his abilities, he might as well wear a motion-sensor suit, which is used to create the character’s movements on the screen.


•       Presenter and performer for children shows, raffles, events

•       He should have a suitable voice to play our character; must be a quick thinker to interact and react to the audience; funny;

•       Good memory; fluent and emotional voice

•       young, dynamic, funny, spontaneous, quick at repartee

•       Arabic speaking

•       English would be good


•       High level of loyalty and integrity

•       Enthusiasm and motivation

•       Strong communication skills (especially strong presentation skills)

•       A friendly nature and outgoing personality

•       Nationality preference:  Arabs, Male/Female

•       Driving licence


•       A 6 days working week of 48+ hours

•       Working hours will be during opening hours (evenings and weekends)

Unsocial hours are a necessity due to the nature of the amusement park industry

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    Atallah Happy Land offer A pocket friendly entrance fee of only 32 SR , VIP rides bracelet 105 SAR: includes all external rides. Kids rides bracelet 63 SAR: include all small area rides.

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    Dining, Retail and Facilities

    Atallah Happy Land offers many dining options inside the park, ranging from delicious but quick food kiosks offering a wide range of tasty snacks.

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    General Information

    The safety of our guests at Atallah Happy Land is central to everything.