Shows and Entertainment

There is always a reason to visit Atallah Happy Land Park! Live shows perform on the stage and the Magical Dancing Fountain shows daily its boosting 94-water effect complimented with amazing light and audio effects. Grandstand seating for 300 around the fountain ensures you get a great view.

Keep checking the calendar to keep up to date with the shows and events happening throughout the year!


Atallah Happy Land Park “Summer Fun 2013″

Atallah Happy Land Park presents "Summer Fun 2013" Festival during June and July 2013

Iftar ramadhan

Casablanca Iftar and Suhoor

Atallah Happy Land Park with association with Casablanca Hotels hold a daily Iftar and Suhoor in Ramadhan 1434 H


Pledge of allegiance to King Abdulla Ibn Abdulaziz

Pledge of allegiance to King Abdulla Ibn Abdulaziz Celebration May 2013


Khawater Al Zalam

Atallah Happy Land Park presented Khawater Al Zalam "The thoughts of the darkness" with a souvenir shield that acknowledges their success in coming first place and being the first Saudi winners in the Arabs Got Talent show.



Jeddah Dance Crew

Jeddah Dance Crew joined MixFM Radio in the Eid Al Fitr celebrations hosted by Atallah Happy Land, and thrilled the crowd with their fantastic break-dance performance.



Jeddah Ghair Festival

Atallah Happy Land Park was a participant in the “Jeddah Ghair 2012 Festival” and hosting its own raffle prize draw, as well as being a ticket vendor for the Festival’s prize shows.




Universal Children’s Day

An event held on November 20th to celebrate Universal Children’s Day. More details here soon.



Eid Al Adha Festival

Eid Al Adha Festival

Oct 2012



Saudi National Day Event

Saudi National Day Event

23 Sep 2012



Surfrider Opening

Surfrider the newest, fastest, highest, coolest ride in town was launched during Eid Al Fitr and gave families a heart thumping thrill. August 2012



Olympic Games Live

All the wonder of watching the Olymipics on the big screen is available at Atallah Happy Land Park.

27 Jul - 12 Aug 2012



Football Live

Watch the excitement of the United Arab Football Championships (UAFA) on the big screen at Atallah Happy Land Park – 22ndJune - -6thJuly.



Football Live – Public Viewing

Watch the excitement of the European Football Championships (UEFA_on the big screen at Atallah Happy Land Park – 8thJune - -1stJuly.



Mix FM Radio events

Mix FM Radio events every Thursday

with daily price raffles, live shows and dance performances

Jun - Aug 2012



Festival and TV Live

Atallah Happy Land Park hosted World Down Syndrome Day in 2012 as an annual event to support families and children with Down Syndrome.

17 May 2012



Spice Mix party

Atallah Happy Land Park hosted a Spice Mix party.

where the singers performed hits such as "baba feen" and other popular children’s songs.



Ramadan 2011

Atallah Happy Land Park in cooperation with Casablanca Hotels, hosted Iftar and Souhoor events daily through the Holy month of Ramadan.

offering diversified Arab cuisine and traditional decoration. A truly amazing event was enjoyed throughout the month.



Eid Fitr 2011

Atallah Happy Land Park celebrated Eid Al Fitr with prizes and much joy for every guest. Main prizes included home appliances as well as LCD TVs.



Atfal wa Mawaheb

Atallah Happy Land Park hosted "Atfal wa Mawaheb"

which is a team of talented children that performed in the successful Arab’s Got Talent show.



Summer Fun 2011

Atallah Happy Land Park hosted "Summer Fun 2011" at the park with fantastic prize giveaways including three cars.



Universal Children Day

Universal Children Day

16 - 17 Nov 2011



National Day

In celebration of the 81st National Day, Atallah Happy Land Park hosted an amazing family event on Sept 23rd and 24th. As well as Aijal TV broadcasting from the event, participants were able to leave their messages for King Abdullah on a drawing wall and watched displays of traditional dancing from the best teams in Saudi Arabia.



Eid Al Fitr TV Events

To congratulate the children within Saudi Arabia on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, Atallah Happy Land partnered with Aijal TV to create a fun and educational event, hosted in the Ice Rink. There were many activities, including mini contest and trivia questions about Saudi Arabian cities and historical sites. Children in other cities were called via satellite so that they could participate in the fun.



King Abdullah’s Return to Jeddah Celebration

King Abdullah’s Return to Jeddah Celebration

27 - 28 May 2011



World Down Syndrome Day

Atallah Happy Land Park hosted its annual World Down Syndrome event to raise support and awareness of Down syndrome. This genetic condition is due to the presence of a third chromosome 21 and due to its medical name Trisomy 21, the 21st March was chosen worldwide to be International World Down Syndrome Day.



King Abdullah’s Return to Saudi Arabia Celebration

King Abdullah’s Return to Saudi Arabia Celebration

24 - 25 Feb 2011


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    Atallah Happy Land offer A pocket friendly entrance fee of only 32 SR , VIP rides bracelet 105 SAR: includes all external rides. Kids rides bracelet 63 SAR: include all small area rides.

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    Atallah Happy Land offers many dining options inside the park, ranging from delicious but quick food kiosks offering a wide range of tasty snacks.

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    The safety of our guests at Atallah Happy Land is central to everything.